Something More Than Time Has Passed Here

My new body of work comes after a 2 year hiatus from any studio practice. It is the second of 3 planned, narrative exhibitions. The first installment, I used to be in Love. Now I do jigsaw puzzles. Let’s just fuck., premiered in 2016.  It told the story of how I became an artist and was an exploration of my sexuality and self identity.

This new body of work has a specific focus on my 5 years as a Reno resident. This city is a magnet, drawing a certain type of individual to be a part of the performance. Offering a last glimpse of the wild west and the freedom to express the purest of passions. Reno has added layers to my person, my persona, intensifying themes and feelings.

When I decided to move here, I felt ready for a structured life. For those of you who know me well, those first 3 years had no semblance of structure. But I was sending out tentacles in every direction, searching for it. These past 2 years have been an emotional rebuild long overdue. Coming to terms with my fathers death after a 14 year estrangement, the realization that I had no coping skills for a life long depression, and no capacity to accept or offer a deep seated love, have been a trial, a weight.  

My Reno life is intensely engaged with the arts and culture scene, which has been a salvation of sorts, and I am proud of my accomplishments. But it has not led to fulfillment or happiness. The title of this exhibition reveals how both my inner character and artistic practice have evolved and in a larger context how this ground, this air, this physical space is a catalyst of change for all drawn here. It is a symbol for the patience, love and respect I have for this artistic release.

This discovery and growth has just begun, and will continually work a magic. I am most curious to see where this inventive and experimental journey will take me and how it will influence my materials and ideas. Thank you for being part of a most eclectic group of passengers along the way.

As you look at each piece, please read the titles, they will give you an atmosphere, an external clue to the story the entire body of work tells. These paintings are encased with a very visual structure, but within that framework are flurries of activity. A viscus, bubbling subtext.

These pieces started the day I climbed off a Greyhound bus on a snowy December morning and I couldn’t be happier to share them with you on a gorgeous summers evening.

For a private viewing or to purchase artwork, please email or call 415.596.4987.

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