These pieces were created in the balcony at 3 Bristo Place from August 1 – 31, primarily between the hours of 5 a.m. – 10 a.m. The only quiet times during the festival. They are mixed media abstract landscapes on found or recycled wood, panel and canvas. This series contains 2 styles of work. First the bright multi layered patterns conveying a static nature of color and movement. These abstracts enter the viewer into many realms. A scene of changing beauty mingled with greed, lust and fear.

The second is a simple approach to a distant horizon. The use of tonal pastels above and below buffers the deeper textured hues along the line of sight. The peripheral becoming as important an element as the ground itself. These pieces show the great struggle between the equivalence of structure against space.

This exhibition was part of a larger auction held at Out of the Blue, Drill Hall, to raise funds for the purchase of the building which housed The Forest Cafe. The Forest Cafe is one of Edinburgh’s last remaining open access multi-arts venues. They provide a dedicate space for people to get involved in every creative activity imaginable. Their events have included music, theatre, dance, yoga, massage, poetry recitals, art displays, knit-ins, book tours, language teaching, monster-bike making, photography workshops, rehearsal spaces and so much more.

The Forest Fringe, Snip and Sip Salon, and Inky Fingers were also part of the project. The Forest operated as a volunteer run cafe, charity and art gallery in a magnificent former 16th century church at 3 Bristo Place.

The building was lost and the Forest moved to Tollcross where they continue to operate as an all ages, free performance space. Visit the Forest. 

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